Pointy Shoes

These puppies came from River Island

It is easy to debate the idea and connotations of the pointy shoe. I was for a long while skeptical of the trend, thinking that they were simply for people who were either very dominating or compensating for something. However I was soon turned to the dark side when I came upon the pair pictured above. They were on sale, with a cool rose pattern on the sole, green dots on the inside and a strange colouring that is kind of wine, brown and black.

I justify that these shoes not only make a break and change from converse and vans, but are also great for special occasions and nights out. This pair have a bit of heel too that never really can hurt too much can it. They click while I walk which is great for telling the world you exist but no so much for the ninjas among us.

But why should a geek care? Well first off they look great with just a nice pair of jeans and a shirt of t-shirt. However more importantly if you get a pinstripe paints and matching waistcoat you can fix your monocle in your eye, pick up your cane and look like someone straight out of a Steampunk fantasy world. Awesome.


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