Japanese Techno Electronica

I like music. However I have what the universe considers poor music taste. I enjoy Pop and commercial stuff that would make a vans-wearing-indie-person implode. I’d like to think that I am not discriminatory when I hear other peoples music taste. Unfortunately when I say that the latest Britney album wasn’t as good as the previous one, they lose faith.

The Awesome Geek prevails though! Most awesome geeks enjoy whatever music they like. However I make these recommendations as I feel a cool geek should be cultured while retaining their geek ways. Japanese Techno is awesome, and there are two particular artists that I very much enjoy for two different reasons. The first is Perfume, a trio of japanese idols. They may appear like any standard J-Pop fair, however beneath their matching costumes and extremely complex dance routines lie some awesome techno beats. A must have for any awesome geek who identifies as a bit of an Otaku.

Next is Genki Rockets. This collaboration of various music makers and singers lead to some great beats to groove to. They are also the force of original music makers for the puzzle video game Lumines. A must have for any gamer with an appreciation for awesome music.

Their music videos are worth a watch too. This one is very Aha inspired. You can’t go wrong with that.


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