I don’t have to say it twice, or even once, that the awesome geek is a purveyour of webcomics. The natural evolution of the newpaper comic strips of old, webcomics have been apart of internet geek culture for years. Usually dealing with video games and other forms of geekery, the webcomic is something that is found within most geeks line of bookmarks or RSS Readers. Popular titles like Penny Arcade are a given, however I believe that the awesome geek should read AppleGeeks.

I hear cries and points yelling, “This is just another Apple fanboy thing! You are such a victim to Steve Jobs every whim!” While I understand how this may appear, the folks over at AppleGeeks are not simply a pair of Job’s bitches. In fact – often the issue of Apple fanboyism is used to poke fun, instead of glorification. So put down your pitchforks and flaming torches.

On a basically aesthetic level, the awesome geek should love AppleGeeks for the wonderful art. I have been following the comic for a while now and part of the fun is watching the art style not only evolve as the artist, Mohammad Haque evolves, but also watch as the art shifts as the tone of the comic does.

On top of that, the story is wonderful, initially seeming to begin as any clich̩d webcomic does Рwith two guys on a couch, playing games etc. However it soon turns, moves in directions that you never thought a webcomic could. Courting both Japanese manga style as well as classic superhero moments, always sprinkled with a wicked humor that will have you giggling at your screen.

The awesome geek should definitely check out the AppleGeeks website, or even pick up one of their collected volumes, of which there are 2. (pictured)


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