City Shorts

You’ve had a great winter. You’ve wrapped up warm with chunky knits, funky scarves and cool coats. Now the weather has turned for the better and you no longer need the safety of gloves and scarves to keep you alive while you walk around outdoors. But how do you keep the cool, classy look you’ve developed over the winter months? Well for me, that means City Shorts. (This is my name for them, I assume it’s correct – If I’m wrong, hit me up in the comments)

My New City Shorts

City Shorts are pants that would normally be classy and suitable for work, but are shortened for the warmer months. Now I wouldn’t recommend them for actually wearing in work, but I think they do manage to keep you looking nice, while still keeping your calves cool. I personally would keep them sorta dressy with a pair of plain plimsolls and a shirt buttoned down a few too many. However I think there’s no problem wearing them with a t-shirt and nice sandals.

The Awesome Geek would look into a nice pair of city shorts because the summer waits for no man and we all know black radiates, making for a sweaty geek – who is not awesome.


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