I hate the radio. I hate it with a burning passion that flares like a thousand suns. I hate all the random chatter, all the rubbish ads and all the stupid radio jabber that was parodied in that one episode of family guy. I’m addicted to my iPod, I love having all my music there at my fingertips and being able to call up any song in my library to listen to whenever I want. This is another reason I don’t like the radio, I never got into the roulette that is the song choices on the radio – endlessly flipping from station to station in order to find a song you like never ever appealed to me.

So for the music I have my mobile library on my iPod, but what about the chatter, the talking part of the radio? Very occasionally an interesting topic comes up in discussion and I want to listen. In order to ensure that I’ll enjoy the discussion I have become a hug fan of the world of podcasts. I see them as radio shows I can download and listen at my leisure. Currently I am subscribed to 10 podcasts that are mostly about video games and technology, but there are also comedy podcasts that are great for a hoot when you’re feeling down.

The Awesome Geek does not waste time scouring the airwaves searching for something of interest, instead – podcasts are the answer. They provide great, professional content that is relevant to your own interests and I highly recommend having a browse through iTunes, or any Pod Catcher and see if you too can find something to pique your interests.


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