Making Your Own Lunch

The light at the end of the tunnel for the world’s economy is out there somewhere. I don’t really have my steeped in too much information on whether this bright future filled with money is close, or still a bit a way, but regardless – now is not the time to be wasting your money on food. That is to say, lunch food.

I could easily spend close to €15, if not more a day on my lunch if you let me off to enjoy the Subway’s and Chicken rolls of the world, but since I’m not working and at college the only alternative is to bring my own lunch. Bringing your own packed lunch can be as delicious or as depressing as you want it to be. In my experience, friends are often astonished and jealous of the good eats I bring to college every other day. I try to get excited about what I pack myself and definitely make the effort to get as much variety in my lunch box as possible.

My first advice is to get a nice fancy lunch box for yourself. This kind of psychology works with fussy children and I think it works for adults too. Have pride in your lunch box and plan what you want to eat the next day. Make a bit extra pasta bake or special rice to put in your lunch so the greatness of your cooking can continue on to the next day. No longer will you have to queue to get your sandwich made by a grumpy “sandwich artist”, in fact it will give you more time to sit down, digest and enjoy your lunch hour rather than have ingestion at 3 o’clock.

First Bento 2

The Awesome Geek is always saving up for the next purchase that is inexplicably expensive, the entire Calvin and Hobbes Collection, that newest Apple Product or that fancy piece of furniture. Therefore he or she cannot be found to be wasting money on food, The Awesome Geek packs a lunch box and is awesome.


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