This week on Awesome Geek I am going to blog about 5 different websites and applications that I use in my daily routine – and firmly believe everyone else should too, especially the geeks who are awesome out there.

And so we come to the final post of this week of websites and applications. I’m going to finish with tumblr. Tumblr is a blogging website that I have been spending a lot of time on recently for one main reason – it’s fun. I think of it as blogging lite. The simple interface and general aura of the website gives off this sense of whimsy and simplicity. I really enjoying writing my 300-500 word posts over here at Awesome Geek but sometimes you just want to make a random statement and post a picture. Tumblr is the perfect place to do it. The website is more along the journal keeping side of blogging.

Tumblr can be a very personal a private experience, with a commenting system not being a native or standard feature. However that is not to say that there is no community populating the site. It operates on a similar basis as twitter, with the ability to follow and be followed. The homepage of your tumblr, or dashboard as it is known, collects the stream of posts from your followers. What makes tumblr interesting is it’s use of reblogging. Reblogging does what it says on the tin. A user is capable of clicking a button on any other user’s post and publishing that to their own tumblog with a little comment of their own along with it if they so wish.

Thus tumblr creates a landscape of users who spend time hearting and reblogging others posts and so a very positive and community environment is created. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t skeptical at first myself; I couldn’t get my head around the system, but after a few follows and reblogs I’m entirely enamored with the experience. It won’t replace conventional blogging for me personally but for those looking for a simpler experience with great community, then tumblr is definitely worth a visit.

Tumblr Comics via Ryan Selvy

Website Application:
Desktop Client:
iPhone/Mobile Application:


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