This Week on Awesome Geek – it’s Video Games!

I won’t blame you for believing that Bayonetta is a game aimed sqaurely at the boys. It’s got an incredible, overtly sexual protagonist with proportions that are straight out of a dirty magazine. It’s got blood, violence and cursing. It’s got an outrageous soundtrack with a pop version of “Fly Me to the Moon” as one of the main themes. It’s got dance numbers and a big camp adventure. What sort of boys is this game aimed at again?

Bayonetta is a big camp action romp of a game and I adore it. At first the game seemed to be trying too hard to push sex in order to sell copies, however a few hours into Bayonetta one finds that the title is less on the Megan Fox side of things and sits more comfortably with Kylie on her Showgirls Tour. Now this is not to say that the game is a big gay adventure – instead it pushes the boundaries what is expected when it comes to a beat em up action game.

The battle system in this game is one of the best out there. Being the spiritual successor to the Devil May Cry series Bayonetta has strong roots. The number of combos, weapons and magical attacks is staggering. You flit and fly around the screen delivering sexy witch justice upon your heavenly enemies with just a few button presses. My favourite mechanic is witch time, which is activated when you dodge an enemy attack at the very last second. Time slows, and you are free to unleash a flurry of pain upon your opponent.

The game is quick and fun to play. It provides a challenge without being frustrating – a mark of a well balanced title. The graphics and animations are easy on the eyes and are full of variety throughout your play experience.

I enjoy how unlike anything else Bayonetta is. It flirts with stereotypes, while ignoring them completely, enough to get you interested and keep you hooked for the ten to twelve hours it takes to play through the main story. However if you are anything like me, you won’t stay away for long and keep coming back for more.


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