HEATTECH by Uniqlo

The daffodils have sprung, the days are getting longer and your winter coat is making you sweat rather than keep you toasty warm. Now is the wrong time of the year to talk about thermal clothing – but I’m going to do it anyway because I gave Uniqlo’s HEATTECH range a run for it’s money during a recent trip to the mid-west of the United States of America. It was colder than anything I had previously experienced in my life, so I was thankful I had a quality product to keep me warm and safe.

The fabric of HEATTECH works by turning the moisture your skin body creates back into heat to keep you warm. It acts in a fun perpetual motion kind of way. It keeps you warm so your body produces excretes more moisture which is then turned back into heat and around, and around we go. However the real star quality of this fabric is that I never felt like I was sweating in it. I never felt like I was being suffocated my this tight fitting clothing. It’s extremely breathable and comfortable so that when the wind was blowing and the ski lift seat was cold, I felt nothing but the warm embrace of Uniqlo’s futuristic cloth. Now on chilly nights I pull on my long sleeve top and know that I will be kept cosy and comfortable all night long.


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