Good Job, Brain!

This past Christmas at dinner we pulled our crackers and, after sorting through the little prizes and crowning ourselves with paper crowns, we started reading our jokes and trivia. The jokes went down as well as you’d expect, “What did the fish say when it swam into a wall?” “DAMN!” but I lapped up the trivia. This is because I love facts. I love little bits of information that colour our fantastic world. Most of the trivia at the dinner table I already knew the answers to, my friends were all suitably impressed. I admitted that I love trivia and that one of my favourite things is to listen to a podcast called Good Job, Brain!. It is awesome.


The podcast is hosted by a colourful pub trivia team who’s specialities cover a vast array of topics. Each episode opens with a quick Pop Quiz for the hosts with a random Trivial Pursuit card – this is what hooked me initially. I felt clever when I knew the answer for one of the questions when the team didn’t. (For once my History of Art Degree came in handy!) After this each host has their own little segment based around the theme of the episode. This could be a little quiz, historical tale or scientific factoid. If you have the least bit of an inquisitive mind, then you should pick an episode related to a topic you like and enjoy!

My favourite thing to do is to listen to the podcast on the tube. However the gang on Good Job, Brain don’t take themselves too seriously. The jokes and laughs between Karen, Colin, Dana and Chris have me laughing on crowded tube trains at rush hour. I don’t mind though, I’m having a laugh and learning – what’s not to love?



“Eventually, everything connects.” – Charles Eames

This is what Dots is all about – as long as you only move vertically or horizontally, diagonals are not welcome. I was introduced to this game while in a waiting room that I would spend two weeks sitting in. I’m not saying it made things easier, but it did make things bearable. The game is quick and simple. Once you get the hang of it you will be addicted. The mechanics are intuitive, couple that with some competitive leaderboards with friends and you’ve got a good time.


What I love about Dots, and what I search for in a lot of games and apps these days is the ability to play for free but have payments to enhance the experience rather than become a necessity. With dots, you can use the dots you earn from playing to buy power-ups. If you don’t want to play to amass dots then you can pay for dots. It encourages you to play and spend time getting more skilled at the game to earn your power ups. If you lead a busy life then you can pay for them. It works either way.

It’s fun to play and just so damn pretty I’d like to think that maybe Charles Eames would have it on his iPad were he still around today.


I get nervous when my hair is cut by someone I don’t know. For the past two years I’ve mostly only had it cut by friends. When I do get it cut by a stranger I usually get a strange anxiety when they try to flog me a product at the end of the haircut. This is how Bumble and bumble’s sumotech entered my life.


The stuff is a bit expensive but a little goes a long way so I really won’t baulk at having to pay for it when this little pot runs out. It is described as “lo-gloss elastic moulding compound” and if that is what they want to call it, let’s allow them that. I just call it hair stuff. There is also hair spray and hair mousse. Those are the only three categories of hair styling products as far as I’m concerned because I just can’t get behind hair powders, but that’s a post for another day.

I’d recommend this hair stuff because I’m attached to it now. It does it’s duty well. After blasting tonnes of volume into my hair with a hair dryer, a small amount of sumotech is distributed through my hair, creating a little bit of definition and calming any fluffiness. This product makes me look sleek. However it does not provide hold. You’ll want a hairspray after or a stronger product if you want things to stay put all day long. However if you’ve got medium to fine thickness hair then I’d give it a try.

No clue why they call it sumotech.


I love technology, I embrace it at almost every opportunity. The more integrated my life can be with the latest and greatest of tech, the happier I will be. My favourite kind of gadget is one that is perfectly formed. One that is simple in design and easy to use. Often these days we want our gadget to be multitaskers. We want them to do it all, but I take great joy in something that does one thing, but excels at it. I love when a gadget puts my mind at rest, because it has perfected what it set out to do. I will never have to buy another piece of kit for this purpose. Doxie is the only scanner I will ever need for the rest my life.


What do I need a scanner for? A number of things, but my main reason for investing in a Doxie was scanning my Instax Mini Photos. (I know it kind of defeats the purpose of having a real photograph but I like the best of both worlds!) However the scanner also was fantastic for a lot of other things. I like to scan my Christmas and Birthday cards with Doxie so I can recycle the physical card but still have a digital copy of the nice images and cherished messages. It’s also fantastic for going paperless with important documents, contracts, payslips, etc. Combine this with something like Evernote or Dropbox and you can have all your paperwork in the cloud for you to access anywhere and you will save space do your little bit to reduce your carbon foot print. You’re such a good person.

Using the Doxie is simple. Press the button to turn it on. Green light means 300dpi, press the button to turn the light red which means 600dpi. Feed your photo or document into the scanner and watch it do it’s magic. My Doxie, the Doxie Go model has the option of internal storage but both an SD card slot and usb port for flash drives can be used also. I like to use an SD card and then move my scans onto my iPad Mini with a lightning SD Card reader but I figure using a Eye-Fi SD card would be even smoother! The whole operation is a pleasure and of course the Doxie is battery powered and rechargeable so you can take it anywhere. What more do you want from it? It does everything so well. If you need a scanner in your life, Doxie is the one to partner up with.