Jonathan Day is 22 years old and living in London. A recent college graduate, he is pursuing a career in journalism, be it via print or online. He has a keen interest in social media and can be found on most if not all of the popular social networks. He studied the History of Art and English in University and therefore has a great love for art be it contemporary or historical. He also is an avid gamer, citing the Pokemon as one of the reasons for his lost childhood. However he is close to catching them all. Jonathan enjoys Japanese culture, particularly the otaku phenomenon which has him watching anime, reading manga and collecting figures whenever he has the time. He is also a fervent knitter, taking up the craft when unemployment nearly drove him mental.


Jonathan loves to write and report hence the birth of this lovely blog, The Awesome Geek, which is all about his passion for all kinds of geekery. He also manages a tumblr blog which is more random and fun, and is where you will find lots of pictures of Jonatahan’s head, music he’s listening to right now and stream of conscious ramblings.

He also is an avid twitter user and an occasional YouTube vlogger.

Jonathan enjoys writing in the third person pronoun.


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