“Eventually, everything connects.” – Charles Eames

This is what Dots is all about – as long as you only move vertically or horizontally, diagonals are not welcome. I was introduced to this game while in a waiting room that I would spend two weeks sitting in. I’m not saying it made things easier, but it did make things bearable. The game is quick and simple. Once you get the hang of it you will be addicted. The mechanics are intuitive, couple that with some competitive leaderboards with friends and you’ve got a good time.


What I love about Dots, and what I search for in a lot of games and apps these days is the ability to play for free but have payments to enhance the experience rather than become a necessity. With dots, you can use the dots you earn from playing to buy power-ups. If you don’t want to play to amass dots then you can pay for dots. It encourages you to play and spend time getting more skilled at the game to earn your power ups. If you lead a busy life then you can pay for them. It works either way.

It’s fun to play and just so damn pretty I’d like to think that maybe Charles Eames would have it on his iPad were he still around today.



I checked what I had on my list of blog posts to write on my iPhone. I saw that I had written “Clear” right at the top. How I had forgotten about this amazing little app was beyond me, but I suppose it demonstrates how easily it has integrated into my everyday life with its effortless simplicity.

Clear is the only list making app you will ever need as far as I am concerned. It takes advantage of the gesture control on the iPhone without being too complicated. I don’t know about you, but I can’t do any of those twisting gestures. Clear uses simple swipes and pinches to create lists that keep everything focused and in line.

I come from a family of list makers, and Clear really compliments my natural instincts to get everything down in front of me, but unlike a classic paper and pen Clear allows me to quickly add remove items – as well as shift around the priority of tasks and items with ease. It really helps me to prioritise and organise myself. There isn’t very much else to say, Clear does what it does well. Definitely worth picking up if you are partial to making lists. Also the little plinky sounds it makes are adorable. Turn up your speaker and feel satisfied when you complete a task!