I get nervous when my hair is cut by someone I don’t know. For the past two years I’ve mostly only had it cut by friends. When I do get it cut by a stranger I usually get a strange anxiety when they try to flog me a product at the end of the haircut. This is how Bumble and bumble’s sumotech entered my life.


The stuff is a bit expensive but a little goes a long way so I really won’t baulk at having to pay for it when this little pot runs out. It is described as “lo-gloss elastic moulding compound” and if that is what they want to call it, let’s allow them that. I just call it hair stuff. There is also hair spray and hair mousse. Those are the only three categories of hair styling products as far as I’m concerned because I just can’t get behind hair powders, but that’s a post for another day.

I’d recommend this hair stuff because I’m attached to it now. It does it’s duty well. After blasting tonnes of volume into my hair with a hair dryer, a small amount of sumotech is distributed through my hair, creating a little bit of definition and calming any fluffiness. This product makes me look sleek. However it does not provide hold. You’ll want a hairspray after or a stronger product if you want things to stay put all day long. However if you’ve got medium to fine thickness hair then I’d give it a try.

No clue why they call it sumotech.



Jumping off of the back of my pseudo beauty video blog I thought I would take some time to lay some praise on a product that I will only ever remove from my life when I have no hair left. I promised myself a long time ago that I would never become “that guy”, the one who straightens his hair. I knew guys who did and I didn’t see any part of me within them and believed that those who did straighten their hair were just superficial, soulless beings with limp hair.

However my best friend convinced me to allow her to run my hair that was in need of a cut through a flat iron. For me, I couldn’t never go back after that day. I was 17 at the time and until I turned 18 I used a god awful straightener that was fairly dodgy and required a lot of trickery and balancing of the plug cord to get it to work. However for my 18th Birthday a group of friends gifted me with a slim ghd, which is more suited to shorter hair like my own was.

The reason I straighten my hair is not necessarily to get the straight hair look, but instead is to improve the texture and quality of my hair. Straightening it, tames it and manages to get out the pesky natural wave my hair has and allows me to do whatever I like with it. ghd’s leave my hair silky and smooth whereas other straighteners do not -simply burning the hair into submission.

4 years later I still use my (second) ghd, the first lasted for a solid 3 years – I take care of my tech. I don’t straighten it as often because I have found that sometimes it is fun to leave it wild and natural. I don’t fear leaving the house without silky straight trusses but most days of the week I will give my hair a whack off the ghd because I know it will leave my hair looking sexy, smooth and shiny. Guys or girls, there is only one name worth mentioning in the world of hair straighteners as far as I am concerned. They will always leave you with a good hair day.