Good Job, Brain!

This past Christmas at dinner we pulled our crackers and, after sorting through the little prizes and crowning ourselves with paper crowns, we started reading our jokes and trivia. The jokes went down as well as you’d expect, “What did the fish say when it swam into a wall?” “DAMN!” but I lapped up the trivia. This is because I love facts. I love little bits of information that colour our fantastic world. Most of the trivia at the dinner table I already knew the answers to, my friends were all suitably impressed. I admitted that I love trivia and that one of my favourite things is to listen to a podcast called Good Job, Brain!. It is awesome.


The podcast is hosted by a colourful pub trivia team who’s specialities cover a vast array of topics. Each episode opens with a quick Pop Quiz for the hosts with a random Trivial Pursuit card – this is what hooked me initially. I felt clever when I knew the answer for one of the questions when the team didn’t. (For once my History of Art Degree came in handy!) After this each host has their own little segment based around the theme of the episode. This could be a little quiz, historical tale or scientific factoid. If you have the least bit of an inquisitive mind, then you should pick an episode related to a topic you like and enjoy!

My favourite thing to do is to listen to the podcast on the tube. However the gang on Good Job, Brain don’t take themselves too seriously. The jokes and laughs between Karen, Colin, Dana and Chris have me laughing on crowded tube trains at rush hour. I don’t mind though, I’m having a laugh and learning – what’s not to love?



I hate the radio. I hate it with a burning passion that flares like a thousand suns. I hate all the random chatter, all the rubbish ads and all the stupid radio jabber that was parodied in that one episode of family guy. I’m addicted to my iPod, I love having all my music there at my fingertips and being able to call up any song in my library to listen to whenever I want. This is another reason I don’t like the radio, I never got into the roulette that is the song choices on the radio – endlessly flipping from station to station in order to find a song you like never ever appealed to me.

So for the music I have my mobile library on my iPod, but what about the chatter, the talking part of the radio? Very occasionally an interesting topic comes up in discussion and I want to listen. In order to ensure that I’ll enjoy the discussion I have become a hug fan of the world of podcasts. I see them as radio shows I can download and listen at my leisure. Currently I am subscribed to 10 podcasts that are mostly about video games and technology, but there are also comedy podcasts that are great for a hoot when you’re feeling down.

The Awesome Geek does not waste time scouring the airwaves searching for something of interest, instead – podcasts are the answer. They provide great, professional content that is relevant to your own interests and I highly recommend having a browse through iTunes, or any Pod Catcher and see if you too can find something to pique your interests.